Gene Array Project

The NNTC embarked on a project to use gene array technology to analyze brain gene expression in HIV infected subjects. Pertinent details of the design and execution of the study are presented on these web pages. Hybridization results of the study were new as of September of 2007 and analysis is now complete. Processed and raw results from the gene array are now posted in GEO (accession #GSE35864) and can be acquired via the data link below. Clients of the NNTC can submit requests for specimens and other data from the same subjects that were used in this gene array project. Refer to the NNTC Gene Array study set when making your request.

Table of Contents

Quality Control

Data and Publication

  • Gene Array Data
    • Raw and normalized signal intensity data and tools for analysis are available via the link to GEO (accession #GSE35864).
  • GEO instructions
    • Detailed instructions for downloading and analyzing Gene Array data posted to GEO.
  • Affymetrix IDs
    • Spreadsheet provides linkage between gene of interest by name, symbol, accession #, etc. with its corresponding Affymetrix ID in column A.
  • Publication
    • The Gelman et al. 2012 publication is now available online at PLOS ONE.